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Want to know more about Gaelic Games?

If not answered below. Please let us know!

  • I have never played that an issue?
    Absolutely not! We welcome players of all ages and ability. Some of our players came with no experience and now lead our trainings!
  • What equipment do I need?
    A sense of humour. For trainings, wear what you feel comfortable to exercise in. So shorts / t shirt / runners (or sneakers / trainers depending on where you are from). Midrift must be covered. And not sure if you will beat Chris' range of jumpers! It is recommended to wear football boots when we are outdoor training and indoor soles when training indoors. For tournaments mouth guards are compulsory.
  • Do I have to be Irish?
    Nope! We have members from all over the world. Come count in your own language :) We will soon have you saying 'Mayo for Sam' like the best of us!
  • How do I sign up?
    Pop us an email Come training Meet us for a pint We guarantee you will have fun!
  • What does it cost?
    First training is free! 100kc per training for members or (150kc for two indoor trainings) 200kc for non members Membership fees: 1200kc per year Student membership: 700kc per year Social membership (non playing / training): 500kc per year Family membership: on request
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